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Consulting services

Using the experience gathered during extensive work in telecommunications managers of RTS Telecom solves many problems which arise during provisioning of telecommunications services.

Often the customer is not expert in telecoms and is not willing to spend time and efforts to investigate complicated process of building of telecom infrastructure. In such case experts of RTS Telecom will help to work out Request for services, make market research and choose the best technology, forward requests and analyse proposals from service providers, choose the supplier of equipment, finalise the contract and monitor the fulfilment of obligations by the service provider.

RTS Telecom will also service the customer's network and equipment and obtain legal permissions for this equipment.

The list of consulting services provided by RTS Telecom comprises:

  • Working out of technical projects and business plans in telecommunications;
  • Working out complex projects: copropate networks, full range of services to offices, business centers, buildings, etc.;
  • Organisation of tenders, selection of equipment suppliers, etc.;
  • Technical and economic evaluation of projects, contracts and services;
  • Help in registration and legalisation of telecommunications equipment.

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